First Time Installation

The installation procedure is easy and very similar to a normal Zimbra installation. For more information, you can refer to How to install Zimbra on Ubuntu LTS.

ZCSPlus built by SIP-Online is supported by Ubuntu 20.04 LTS operating systems.
We are currently working on a 22.04 LTS version to save you from a short Ubuntu lifecycle.


These are the requirements suggested for this build of ZCSPlus:
• 16 gigabytes of RAM
• 4-core CPU or 4 vCPUs
• 10 gigabytes of free hard disk space
• FQDN, MX, and A DNS-records
• Set the timezone and NTP
You should configure the domain name of the server using the

sudo hostnamectl set-hostname --static

And add A and MX records using:

dig -t A
dig -t MX

*** For the first time installation, you have to make sure that below mentioned services are not active and running in your system:
1. Web Service (apache,apache2 etc.) that runs on port 80
2. Email/MTA Service (postfix,sendmail, etc.) that runs on port 25

If you find them up and running, then you have to stop & uninstall them before starting the main installation process as they conflict with the process.

PlatformDownload 64-bit
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS64bit x86 (MD5) (SHA 256)


After downloading the ZCSPlus built by SIP-Online as a .tgz archive,
• Unpack the archive as root using these commands:


• Navigate to the folder you just unpacked:


• Run the installation script by:

sudo ./

• Follow the installation and configuration
The ZCSPlus web client will be available at You can access the administrator console from

Updating New Patches

Whenever new versions are released, the ZCSPlus repositories are updated and packages are available for installation along with the other system updates.
Therefore, the upgrade procedure is usually a very quick activity, carried out by means of a few commands to be executed on each Server, be it Single-Server installation, or in a Multi-Server installation:

apt update
apt upgrade
su - zimbra -c "zmcontrol restart"

Steps to install/update ZCSPlus Additional Zimlets

On this page you will find all our additional Zimlets: Zimlets List