Zextras Suite is an all-in-one solution that seamlessly integrate with Zimbra Open Source Edition, avoiding issues like conflicts with Zimbra.

Some strong points of Zextras Suite are: security (including encrypted communication channels, 2FA and SAML authentication), data protection and data ownership (you control your data: choose where to store data and backups, what to delete, and so on), full GDPR compliance.

Zextras Suite is organised in modules, that can be purchased in different bundles, according to the available licenses. information on Zextras Store.
Zextras Auth is the authentication layer that takes care of the login modalities and access to mailbox and other modules.
Zextras Backup concerns primarily methods to save your mail, documents, and data. The module also encompasses Restore Strategies to recover deleted items or accounts, and Advanced Backup Techniques, which include Disaster Recovery.
Zextras Mobile allows to manage mobile devices and their access to address book, shared resources, and to the Zextras modules.
Zextras Powerstore contains advanced concepts and techniques for storage management on Zextras.
Zextras Admin describes advanced management task for administrators.
Zextras Drive is used to share drafts, full documents, videos, and every kind of files, with all your colleagues.
Zextras Team a fully-fledged communication system for chat, videoconferencing and remote presentations.

Modules can be individually enabled or disabled by an administrator. Instructions for this are provided within each module's documentation.

Change Logs

This section contains the Changelog of each Zextras Suite component.